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Residential Top View — Residential Roofing in Hayward, CA

GAF Residential

Al's Roofing Supply wants to ensure you build a great roof every time, which is why we love offering roofing products made by GAF. We believe in high-quality products that lead to high-quality roofs, and GAF's Timberline Shingles are North America's top-selling shingle choice!

The Case for Asphalt Shingles

The majority of homes rely on asphalt shingle roofing systems—and for good reason. Asphalt roofs are generally more cost-effective and can last a significant amount of time with proper maintenance on the part of the homeowner. A solid asphalt roof will often last up to 20 years and sometimes longer.

Asphalt shingles are also very popular with DIY-savvy homeowners who can often install and replace damaged shingles all on their own. Although doing your own shingle installation may save you money in the short-term, improper repairs and installations can create more costly problems for the future. Also, keep in mind that installing roofing yourself can affect any warranties offered by manufacturers. Make sure to consider whether you would benefit from the lifetime limited warranty that comes with GAF shingles.

Shingles manufactured by GAF come in a wide variety of styles and colors to help you match your new roof to the style of your home. If you're worried about your home's aesthetic, GAF shingles won't disappoint. When properly installed within the GAF roofing system, these shingles won't just look great—they'll aid in ventilation, improve your home's energy efficiency and prevent leaks.

Exploring GAF Shingle Options

Al's Roofing Supply offers multiple GAF shingle products, including the best-selling Timberline shingles, to ensure that you have access to shingles that fit your budget and overall needs. Make sure you talk with one of our roofing experts before making a decision regarding your roofing. We can help you determine if GAF shingles are the best option for your home. Get in touch with us today to get professional advice – we want to ensure that you get the best possible roof over your head!

GAF Commercial

The roof of a business is incredibly important as it protects employees, equipment, documents and more. Having a quality roof that stands up to the elements is also important for the image of your business. You want current and potential clients and customers to understand that you take your work seriously, and a rundown roof can hurt their impressions of what you do.

When you're making such a large investment, Al's Roofing Supply can help you understand the roofing options available from GAF. Depending on your business itself and how the building is used, the location of your building, your budget and how long you plan to be in the current building, your choice of roofing system will be affected. Those aren't even all of the factors to consider! GAF offers a wide range of commercial roofing systems to suit the needs of any commercial property.