Brown Boral Concrete Tiles — Roofing Supply in Hayward, CA
Here are five ways Boral concrete tiles can help green your home or business.

1. Reduce the Manufacturing Energy Needed for Your Reroofing Project

Made with a basic formulation with the main ingredients of sand, cement, and water, concrete roof tiles are a simple product to create.

The more energy-intensive your roofing material is, the more carbon emissions its manufacture will produce. Boral concrete tile, on the other hand, is energy efficient in production. By choosing this product, you're not only choosing an eco-friendly option for your roof but also supporting eco-friendly manufacturing processes rather than supporting conventional shingle manufacture.

2. Allow You to Burn Less Oil

Did you know that most of the electric companies in America still use fossil fuels to produce the energy they provide to customers? So unless you're already off the grid with your own solar or wind energy, saving electricity helps reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

The good news is that using concrete tiles can allow you to save electricity! They're a naturally reflective material, which helps them stay cool and transmit less heat to the inside of your house in the summer (thus ensuring your AC system doesn't run as much). And they can easily be coated with a cool-roof coating to maximize this effect.

In addition, unlike asphalt shingles, these tiles don't lie flush with the roof; instead there's a little air space between each tile and the roof surface beneath, so the conductive power is significantly reduced. In other words, it's harder for heat to get from the tile to the inside of your attic.

3. Provide a Long-Lasting Roof

Some high-quality asphalt roofs can be long-lasting, perhaps up to 30 years or more if well-maintained; but all too often the homeowner goes for a cheaper option and/or doesn't maintain the roof; in these cases asphalt roofing often has to be replaced after just a couple of decades.

The longer you can go between reroofings, the more money you'll save but the more eco-friendly you'll be as well. Even though concrete roofing is made of natural materials, it still requires some energy to manufacture. So it's a good thing that concrete tile can last for many decades. Boral concrete tiles have a life expectancy of around half a century.

4. Use Natural Recycled Materials That Are Recyclable

Concrete tiles aren't just made of natural materials. Boral also uses recycled content in their manufacture. This not only shows that Boral has a social conscience but also ensures that the finished product is even more eco-friendly.

Because the tiles can have over half recycled content, your roof can have a much smaller impact on the environment than would otherwise be the case, especially if you were using petroleum-based roofing products.

5. Use Local Sources for Materials

Boral concrete roofing products are made of materials that occur locally in the landscape, and as such, the materials don't have to be flown or trucked halfway around the world before the manufacturing process can begin. This ensures that your roof will have as few transportation miles as possible.

As you can see, concrete tiles can be a great way to go green with your roof. But they're also one of the most cost-effective choices. In addition, you can find many attractive options available for homes and businesses. Call us today to learn more about our Boral concrete tile products.