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GAF Commercial Roofing Options in Hayward

GAF Commercial Roofing
The roof of a business is incredibly important as it protects employees, equipment, documents and more. Having a quality roof that stands up to the elements is also important for the image of your business. You want current and potential clients and customers to understand that you take your work seriously, and a rundown roof can hurt their impressions of what you do.
When you’re making such a large investment, Al’s Roofing Supply can help you understand the roofing options available from GAF. Depending on your business itself and how the building is used, the location of your building, your budget and how long you plan to be in the current building, your choice of roofing system will be affected. Those aren’t even all of the factors to consider! GAF offers a wide range of commercial roofing systems to suit the needs of any commercial property.
GAF Commercial Roofing

Understanding Commercial Roof Construction

The experts at Al’s Roofing Supply will guide you through the process of choosing a GAF commercial roof by teaching you about things like roof membranes, coating solutions, insulation options and more. For example, GAF offers three types of single-ply membranes to match performance and budgetary needs with the right roofing materials. Do you need EverGuard TPO, EverGuard Extreme TPO or EverGuard PVC? You don’t need to decide things like that on your own when you order roofing materials from Al’s Roofing Supply.

Making a GAF Choice

If you feel that GAF materials are your best option for a commercial roof, don’t hesitate to contact Al’s Roofing Supply to make your order. We can review your needs to ensure you’re getting the most for your money and then set up a delivery time. Call 510-782-0780 today to talk about your commercial roofing needs.
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