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Advantages of CertainTeed Commercial Roofing in Hayward

While you’re looking at a wide range of commercial roofing options, make sure you’re considering CertainTeed. They offer hot asphalt, cold process, torch-welded and self-adhered, low-slope roofing systems, which means you have plenty of high-quality options to consider. If you aren’t sure which CertainTeed system will make the best investment for your business, Al’s Roofing Supply will help evaluate your needs.

Examining Low-Slope Roofs

The majority of businesses rely on low-slope roofing systems because they present a set of unique challenges not found with other roofing types. Typically, weatherproofing is the main concern for a roof. This is especially important for low-slope roofs because water won’t be able to run off the roof as easily.
The membranes installed to protect a building from penetrating water are therefore the most important part of the roofing system. A high-quality commercial roof will have layers of weatherproofing, including the surfacing itself, to ensure everyone and everything stays dry and comfortable.
CertainTeed manufactures three main types of roofing systems, and each one has its own advantages. These are the BUR systems, APP systems and SBS systems. Each system differently utilizes hot asphalt known as bitumen to create a strong and long-lasting roofing system. The system your commercial building needs is determined by many things, but variables often include where a building is located, whether aesthetics are important and how much foot traffic the roof sees.

Deciding on CertainTeed Commercial Roofing

Al’s Roofing Supply wants to make sure you have all the information you need to outfit your commercial entity with a new roof. There are many nuances to roofing options, and CertainTeed products are no different, though all of them could potentially work well for your business. Contact us with any questions you may have about CertainTeed commercial roofing systems.
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